Our commitment to lessen our impact on the environment

State of the art infrastructure investment

In energy reduction, solar and voltage optimisation

Industry-leading innovation

In data management and machine-based control to reduce our energy usage by 40%

Commitment to the circular economy

Refurbishing instead of remaking to reduce environmental impact

A commitment to environmental responsibility

At first glance, it may seem challenging to understand how BEP Surface Technologies aligns with the principles of the circular economy. As a company heavily reliant on energy and extracting materials from the earth, we recognise the significant economic and environmental costs associated with our processes and the careful disposal of these materials.

However, a closer examination reveals the true picture and sheds light on why the team at BEP takes pride in our efforts and unwavering commitment to eliminating waste. We have taken crucial steps to lead the way in energy reduction within our industry by incorporating state-of-the-art rectifiers, investing in voltage optimisation, and utilising solar panels.

But it doesn’t stop there. Our dedication to innovation has propelled us even further. Through substantial investments in data management, machine-based control and learning, and collaboration with Made Smarter UK, we have not only become a world leader in electroplating and surface finishing but also achieved a remarkable 40% decrease in energy usage.


In collaboration with Made Smarter UK, not only have we become a world leader in electroplating and surface finishing but also achieved a remarkable 40% decrease in energy usage.

Making good the circular economy

While our expertise in the process itself sets us apart, it is our services that truly demonstrate our commitment to a sustainable future. Consider a turbine rotor – a massive metal component with tight tolerances used in various industries like shipping, oil, and gas. Each rotor represents significant economic value and carries substantial environmental implications in its creation, from raw material extraction to global transportation and energy-intensive machining. So should we start from scratch when a rotor becomes worn through use? Is it wise to discard and send it to landfill or does the resurfacing and replating provided by BEP embody the pinnacle of engineering ingenuity applied to the circular economy? 

The reality is that refurbishing a rotor to ‘good as new’ condition requires only a fraction of the energy and carbon footprint associated with manufacturing a new one. And this process can be repeated time and time again.

A commitment to excellence

At BEP, we remain steadfast in our commitment to innovation and engineering excellence. Our mission is to enable global industries to reuse essential equipment at the lowest cost and with minimal environmental impact. We are proud to demonstrate our dedication to the environment, not only to our customers but also to governmental entities and academic communities.

By showcasing our efforts and achievements, we show that BEP Surface Technology is at the forefront of environmental responsibility. Together, we can forge a sustainable future by embracing the circular economy and making a positive impact on our planet and its resources.

Forging a sustainable future for our planet and its resources